Technical Workshops

Please find the list of technical workshops below.

Digital Marketing
E commerce
Cloud Computing
Internet of things
Safety Standards and Practices In Electrical technology
Design of PV panel and Integrated solar system
Speed and Torque Control of application motors
Software design patterns and model
Web Development Techniques
SAP ABAP programming and modules
Business Application Software Design
Customized application design
Computer graphics and approach
Embedded design and Microcontroller series
Android application development
Sensors operation and detailed design
Software testing and Manual automation tools
Six Sigma and Various Belt configuration
ITIL foundation level training
ISTQB foundation and advanced level
Software Quality Management systems
IBM Hostcentric system
DevOps and cloud strategy
Data warehousing and Databases
Oracle 4G database
Middleware and enterprise applications
Circuit Theory and balanced circuits
Special Motors and Practical Applications
High Power electronics and design application
MATLAB Modelling and simulation
My Breadboard Electronics
Application design with Embedded technology
My Breadboard Electronics
Robotics and small scale implementation
Special electrical machines
High Volume Air conditioning systems
Industrial Engineering
Machinery Engineering
Tanks Designing and moulding
Electroplating and welding techniques