About Us

Auxil academy is a leading training foundation operates to enhance the quality of learning and education. Aimed at creating a conducive and conversant environment for equipping an individual at his best, Auxil academy is a first of its kind. With an objective of creating centres of excellence, we have our base of operations in Chennai, Bangalore and Salem.

This web space provides Technical certifications, Workshops, Online evaluations, discussion forums/programmes on various advancements in Engineering and Technology, Project/Workshop guidance, eLearning and Corporate – Student relationship programs, training programmes for professionals and students. All our courses are offered by forerunners in respective fields.

Why Us?

We believe training is far-reaching only if it is given by a competent industrial professional. Not Just the resource person decides the quality of the training, but also the eventual follow ups, session hands on, projects and evaluation. Adding to perks above we also believe individual concentration is much needed and hence we operate on 1:20 , trainer: trainee ratio in our technical training. No doubt Auxil academy is the choice of technology aspirants.